Wednesday, May 1, 2013

(Review) Spots Got Shot B.liv by Cellnique

New Post !

finally i have the result for my product review .
so , Cellnique send me a product ( B.liv ) for some review . I was super excited to try out the product.
well , i've been tried this product for 2-3 weeks arround , and even though these product were send to me, my review of them will be 100% of my honest opinion.

Spots Got Shot diminishes blemishes from your face, and soothes your aggravated skin to ensure marks leave without a trace. It soaks up excess sebum, to prevent future problems, and removes dead skin cells, to leave you looking vibrant and well.
and i read on their site about this product : " Blast those pimples away with Spots Got Shot! As an intensive acne treatment serum, it dries out zits, soaks up excessive oil, prevents acne from reappearing and speeds up the normal cell healing process. It effectively treats acne and helps scars to fade out, leaving you looking vibrant and healthy! Best for acne-prone skin, teenagers and adults. "


    • Treats acne
    • Unclogs pores
    • Exfoliates skin
    • Controls oil
    • Has a brightening effect on skin
    • Anti-oxidant
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-bacterial

Honestly , i really don't get much changement for the reddish blemishes and the acnes ~ 
this serum really so unstable on my skin, cause somehow it makes the acnes become less and almost disappear and the next day or the other day might comes again even though i keep using this .

well , i show you the results for 2-3 weeks using this serum :


as you see , the reddish blemishes and some acnes still on my skins . and the one disappear totally for now is on my chin part , and the blemishes start disappear slowly .
in any case , this product really work slowly . i couldn't get any result in one week , if this product really effective normally they will give some changement in one week and i still didn't get the normal skins even getting much better than before .
but, my skin is getting brighetr than before after using this !

the smell not so nice for me , but i don't mind much for it if the serum really works on me .
BUT , this serum actually works for my oily skins more early than treats my acnes ! i really get much oily since the acnes come over me , and since i used this product the oily just start becomes less .
the oily skin before - after
after all the results , its really from my honest opinion on this products .

PRO (+) : 
  •  nice oil control
  • has brightening effect on skin
  • good packaging
  • FAST shipping sevice!
CON (-) :
  •  works slowly
  • pricey for 15ml $25
  • not so nice smell
*Ps : this product might works on me but so slowly , and might works to the others fast . so , don't get too fast with one opinion only . cause everyone doesn't has the same skin type .


  1. I've been looking for some effective pimples gel too! Shall try this one soon, looks not bad :)

    1. actually i saw many people have a tried this one and it works on them . but some doesnt work also ~~

      you could try this one but dont continue if get some bad reaction while you used it ~~

  2. This looks great! :)

    Kelly xo

  3. great post!!!! wanna follow each other???