Monday, May 20, 2013

(Review) LensMe contact lenses Pumpkin Brown

hi girlss ~~
back to the review (´▽`)
this month i was quite busy with my college assignment also midterm exam,
but finally i've passed the exams ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ just need times to finish all the assignments and everything arround ..

Today i'll review LensMe contact lenses Pumpkin Brown 13.9mm , from :
well , this is quite special cause  the shop totally origin from korea and absolutely the lenses origin korea ~ thankyou for the cute package !

Lens Me colored circle lenses emphasize and enlarge the irises of the eyes to give them a more innocent 'doll-like' appearance. South Korean company Lens Me is one of the leading manufacturers of fashion contact lenses with its proven record of quality control-based facilities and technological expertise.

Duration of use over : 6 months 
Diameter graphic : 13.9mm 
Water Content : 38% 
Origin : KOREA 
BC : 8.8 mm

bare eyes

Color and pattern (5/5 ):
just like what expect , this colour lens just will be same with my real eyes and just like natural eyes . seems i wear no lenses and give me a little bigger eyes and with some cool pattern on my eyes o(≧∇≦o)

Enlargment Effect (4/5):
diameter graphic was 13.9 mm , but when i check on the bottle was 14.2 mm for the lenses .
i was a little feel disappointed cause normally i got nothing change with the size arround 14mm. but wow , not bad for this time ! :D

Comfort ( 2.5/5 ) :
actually i feel not comfort much with the watter content , cause i feel like dry easily . so , if you wear typical lenses with such this water content , i suggest you to wear no more than 3 hours .

Overall ratings ( 3.5/5 ) :
this lenses was great actually . just the water content don't give much comfortable to wear in daily days .
if you're interested to buy them or another lenses ,
don't hesitate to contact them here :
the price start from $10 with so many style of lenses ~  

Have a nice day ~ (≧∇≦)/

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