Monday, May 20, 2013

(Review) Be Luxury Babe 61 blue by Apple Of Your Eyes ~

hi girlss ~~
a new post for some review (´▽`)
so , Today i'll review Circle Lens from Apple Of Your Eyes and i decided to review Luxury Babe 61 blue ! for once again i'm interested on blue lenses ~
and Thankyou to Apple Of Your Eyes to sent me this cutey lenses , i love it so much !

let's go to the review (≧∇≦)/ ~

now , i got a cutey frog ! aaaaa ~~

the reason i decide to choose luxury babe to be reviewed cause the combination 4 colours and its quite unique for me ~ with some green mix also on the lens , totally catch my eyes and make me feel want to try this one !

Diameter: 16.0mm
Thickness: 0.04mm
Prescription: Plano to -5.50 in -0.50 per step
Life Span: 1 Year
Recommended to wear them for only 6-9 months
Water Content: 45%
Base Curve: 8.6
Made in Korea

combination colours !
Color and pattern (4/5 ):
unique ! the combination between blue , some green colour and also some gray colour ~ i love the mix colours but i don't think it was suit on my eyes cause it was so visible colour lenses .
And for you guys who are looking for the visible lenses , could try for this one ! :D

Enlargment Effect (4/5):
16.00mm lenses is bigger than 14.00 and actually will give you dolly eyes looking .

Comfort ( 4/5 ) :
the water content is normal for the rate of this lenses , still comfortable during i wear for hangout time . but , i suggest to wear the lens no more than 5 hours . this one is suit for your activity in daily life ! ^_^

Overall ratings ( 4/5 ) :
luxury babe 61 is great lenses , and the colours so amazing and unique . i really adore this colours , visible colours on my eyes and give a cat eyes looking on my eyes ~ * neko eyes

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if you're interested to buy them or another lenses ,
don't hesitate to contact them here : Apple Of Your Eyes
and use the coupon code : DY40 to get 5% off  !

any questions so far??
Hope you enjoy the post and See you on the next post (≧∇≦)/ ~

Have a great day !


  1. It looks really different and the packaging is so cute, xoxo.

    1. that unique lenses are awesome !! thankyou anyway ;*

  2. The softlens case is really cute, love the color combinations. It looks great on you ^^

    1. thankyou ;*
      apple eyes have so many lenses collection and they are so lovely

  3. The frog case is so cute! And lovely eye makeup too, btw x

    1. yeaaaa i love the frog case also =p
      thankyou anyway ;*