Friday, June 7, 2013

(Review) Clair Beauty MA023 Dark Brown sponsored Hazelnutz Cawaii

Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ again for new post ,
so in this post i will do some review about Clair Beauty Wig sponsored by Hazelnuts Cawai !
Hazelnuts Cawai is an online shop sell so many kind of wigs ~ they are absolutely original from taiwan / japan / china just depend what you choose .
and seriously , this is a lovely online shop ( it's not cause they are sponsoring me ) but they keep informed me through the package still on the way and they even preparing for goodie bag and nice packaging just such professional shop (*^▽^*)

so , let's go to the review,
Hazelnutz Cawaii has contacted me to review some products from clair beauty . so , i decide to choose a yes option surely ;p and i choose for clair beauty code MA023 Dark Brown .
this is how it looks the wig first from the model of clair beautyand optional of colors,

Taiwanese brand Clair Beauty specializes in quality hairpieces, extensions and wigs that are comfortable and easy to use. Clair Beauty takes pride in using Kanekalon, a top-of-the-line Japanese synthetic fiber that is heat tolerant and feels silky smooth like natural hair. Withstanding up to 180 degrees Farenheit, Kanekalon fibers allow the wig to be styled with any hair dryer or curling iron for a unique finishing touch. Each Clair Beauty full wig features a specially designed cap that is adjustable to fit most sizes and is made from a breathable fabric to ensure all day comfort.

Clair Beauty collaborates with numerous renowned Taiwanese hair stylists to create a wide variety of wigs and hairpieces designed to offer women a unique hairstyle. Whether it's long, short, wavy or kawaii, Clair Beauty offers every woman a hairpiece for a stylish transformation.

so how it looks in real ?

without flash

with flash
as you could see , its getting more looks synthetic if using flash camera and more naturally such real hair without using flash camera . but if you do comperate with japanese wig , its totally sure that japanese wig just such number one quality and looks better than taiwan wig .
but it doesn't mean Clair Beauty is bad quality , its still great quality too .

and how it looks on me and the style of wig,

i just got the same hair with the model first picture i showed you just with another color hair . and i take a picture with flash so its a little bit get shinny on hair ~
still good after all for daily wig and easy to use .

If you are interested to buy some wig , Hazelnutz Cawaii sell so many kind of wigs ! you could check their page and also guarantee you that their products is original since we've got so many fake of wigs import = w =" ~

So , this is for today ~ Have a nice Day everyone !!  \( ´ ▽ ` )/


  1. I could never pull off wearing a wig. I'd be self conscious that people would stare and point and go "That lady is wearing fake hairrr!!" Hahaha.

    1. seriously , it will be an awkward moment when people staring at you and start whisp something to their friends .
      but all will depend how is your wig quality , somehow they dont recognize you wearing fake hair xP

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  3. Do you have a link to Hazelnutz Cawaii's website?? I can't seem to find it . . .