Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Orange Lipstick Caring in early morning !

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ yush Ladies ..
how are you today ??
i'm back to share you a new post as usual !

since i was in holiday , i would play a little bit with make up stuff in early morning,
as you see on title post , i still wearing the pajama while playing this lipstick ! ⊙△⊙ hahahaaa ,
too excited to create a new post for you girls ~

and here is the stuff , Caring Lipstick colour : Orange #1

 i bought this lipstick since so long .. about 1 years ago i guess , but i don't wear this lipstick much cause i prefer my liptint often time than wearing lipstick .
as you see , my lipstick doesn't look new anymore (●´∀`●) so old one ~

so i will show you the colours and i swatch on my hand :

this orange colour not really bad on my skin lips, and maybe for you all who is addicted with orange colour lips , you could buy this product . it's not so expensive , i forgot the real price but i guess arround 30.000,- idr

what you guys think of this colours ??
and i guess its still enough good for wearing the lipstick.
oupss ~ i wear only lipstick on the pictures anyways .. cause i was so lazy put more make up on my face ~  so the results is quite messy on my face .. (‘∀’●) sorry guys ~
but hope this post could be inspire for you all who loves wearing lipstick and more orange colour ~

if you have any comment or advice , don't hesitate to comment bellow ~~  

Have a good day (‘∀’●)


  1. udah lama pengen lipstick dari caring colours yang edisi happy series, kenapa jarang dipake say? padahal pas dipake bagus lho kesannya fresh dan ceria..^^

    1. cobain deh say , banyak macem warnanya ~ <3 lucu2 dan murah :D
      jarang ku pake , abis kurang suka sama lipstick ~ prefer lip tint aku nya :D hihihii ~ iya nih klo lagi pengen pake orange aja bru pake lipsticknya <3 :D

  2. Really suits you! Such a lovely colour :)

    Lauren xx


    1. awwwhhh ~ thanks lauren ;D
      i love soft colour ~

  3. This color look cute on you.


    1. grab it fast ! <3 will look cute on you too <3

  4. waranamyaaa kereennn..
    koreaann look yaaa jadinyaaa..
    nice review :)

  5. Orange lippie always tempting yaa~ hadeh... bagus banget warnanya.. *drooling*

    btw, new follower on your blog, mind to follow me back??

    Thank you..



  6. dulu ake pernah beli warna orange juga tapi gak pede :(

    check my blog out?

    1. orange itu fresh loo di wajah :D ~ coba ajaaa ~
      yes , i will ~

  7. didn't know that caring has such a great lippies, I love tangerine shade <3 hehe. thanks for the review

    1. awww ~ you could try for this one <3 cheap and fresh colour <3
      you are welcome ~~ :D

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