Friday, December 6, 2013

(Review) Angelwinks Lashes Dashing + Dolly

second post just for you girls ~
hope you are all still fine and well ~ never bored to keep reading my post ;D
so , i'm back to share you a new post as usual and today i will do a review about false lashes that i got from : Angelwinks , Thankyou for the lovely products (*^▽^*)

so , Angelwinks has sent me 4 pairs cutey lashes . but for this post i will share you 2 pairs of lashes and the other 2 pairs i will share you in the next post :*
so this is it ,

this is indonesian products honestly the lashes kind of japanese lashes as you know and for dolly wink lovers will recognize it faster pretty sure ;p
yes , its a bit looks like dolly wink lashes but i don't think its really perfectly same . and i really love this lashes since the price is really fine and the quality is recomended for you  guys  (*^▽^*)



Dashing + Dolly :
  • Unique Lashes
  •  Cheaper
  • Smooth Lashes
  •  Looks Real Lashes
  • Natural
  • Re-Used
  •  the size is really great , not too much long
  • too bad it doesn't get any glue :(
So , After all this is great lashes and really nice for get natural lashes . Actually Angle Winks has 8 type of Lashes . All of them  are so quite nice and nothing heavy lashes . Looks Natural !
some of them also are lower lashes . you should grab it fast since the price is really great for our wallet as well ;p

That's how it looks on my eyes ,

if you are interested to buy Anglewinks, find them here :
Grab Your lovely Lashes Fast ! 

Have A nice Day !

(Review) Candylicious Lenses - Candy Dolly Red

hi girlss , finaly........ new post is up (´▽`)
seriously i really have so minim time to create another post to review nowdays since i really have a lot of kind assignments and manage the other things arround my university stuff ~
aww really sorry :( once its finish , i'll be back with so many review ~ i promise you guys !

well , sooo ..
Today i'll review the other 1 pair Circle Lens from Apple Of Your Eyes ,
She sent me 2 pairs of cutey lenses actually ~ i really so happy when see it inside the lovely package ≧∇≦ and Thankyou to Apple Of Your Eyes ! really sorry for some delayed post (T__T)/

So , this time is the Candy Dolly Red.. finally i got a red lenses that i dreamt so long !!

Dolly Red : 17.0mm
Prescription: Plano to -5.50
Origin : Korea
Comparison Naked Eyes with Lens

Naked Eyes
Indoor Light

With Flash
Color and pattern (5/5 ):
that's pretty cool ! the black circle and also with red color just look so brave ~ i have no doubt to try it out the first time i saw . the pattern just gives you a nice effect , honestly you should try it out for red lenses lovers o(≧∇≦o)

Enlargment Effect (4.5/5):
as you could see this lenses has 17.00 mm which mean this more bigger than my lenses Candy Jolie Green . this exactly nice for gives you dolly eyes just such the name of lenses , Candy Dolly Red !

Comfort ( 4/5 ) :
Honestly i dont find any note of the water content on the bottle case lenses , that's what i wonder until now . but so far, this lenses is quite fine with my eyes and the water content also seems fine cause i feel no dry easily and pretty fine for 5 hours outside.

Overall ratings ( 4.5/5 ) :
Fantastic (≧∇≦)/ candy dolly red is so comfortable lens and great color lenses . some people looking for red lenses and i recomended this one as one of great red lenses !

if you're interested to buy them or another lenses ,
don't hesitate to contact them here : Apple Of Your Eyes
and use the coupon code : DY40 to get 5% off  !
any questions so far??
Hope you enjoy the post and See you on the next post (≧∇≦)/ ~

Have a great day !