Sunday, October 28, 2012

(Review) Dear Darling Liptint #3

Welcome to my blog Girlssssss ..... \(^O^)/

Today i will review about Dear Darling Tint #3 from Etude House

check it out !! ;)
i've been so addicted with lip tint and especially orange lip tint ! i love orange liptint cause the colour is more sweet on me ~~ (´∇`*)ノ

this liptint has a cute packaging and makes my feeling so great anyways (≧▽≦)  feels like i want to pinch it cause seem so cute !(゜▽゜;) lol~ just a joke ~  this smells really good~ and actually it taste not bad too! taste kinda like orange~ i really like this lip tint~ it stay longer on my lips (^ω^)and made my lips more bright colour.

here is the colour on my hand :

and this is it after stay in lips :

Point Minus :
- a little bit dry on lips ( be sure to use lip balm before )

Point Plus :
- cheap
- long lasting ( not including eat/drink )
- taste nice and smells good
- the packaging really pretty damn cute ! good job for etude house(^ω^)

if you like bitten look on lips , u should try to use this liptint ~~(^ω^)