Sunday, December 16, 2012

Report Experience at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio by HiSato

Peoples !!  Ψ(´▽`)Ψ feels so glad to make a new post i am .. so , i'm here i will do share some of experience about hair studio / salon ~
2 days ago i've visited Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio by HISATO at Lippo Mall Kemang !!

well , just last sunday i was cut my hair and yeahh i have to go again for make a new texture of my hair ! :p
i got the invitation from matcha (, she is my partner anyway (≧∇≦)/ ,
she made me interested by this salon but unfortunately , their location is pretty far from my home,
so i was think twice for go ..
in the end , because i heard a lot of good things about Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio and this Salon obviously a Pro in japan hairstyle .. i think i shouldn't miss any chance of it ..

eventhough It takes an hour and a half to get there by motorcycle and my hair get mess up for more , i really feel pay off with all i got from shunji matsuo #touched (T,T)
and arrived after go inside Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio , when i look to the place in first time , i just could say ... how amazing this place !
its really pretty good hair studio .. interior design,stuff ..

as you can see . i'm pretty sure you will be comfort to stay long there !

staff of shunji matsuo quickly greet us with a kind smile and ask us to write our name and wait for our turn. Their kind staff makes me feels at home and really comfortable~
really nice feeling here. (~≧∇≦)~~

and my turn to have some service and during i wait , they give us hair style magazines and also drink in case we are thirsty~ hooo , NICE SERVICE SHUNJI MATSUO ! #CLAP (≧∇≦)/

the magazine
After , a really good guy come over me and introduce himself directly !
How really kindly this guy , and his name is " SUGAI " .. so he will be my hair stylist for my experience (●´∀`●)//
he asked me what kind of hair i wanted for the texture .. after that , i wait for some moment .. cause he also cut some people's hair there .. seems popular he is ;D !

Sugai-san is a stylist for Shunji Matsuo Indonesia and his working experience
Stylist for Shunji Matsuo Indonesia

Education Background      :      Sugai Shunsuke graduated from Osaka College Belebel Hair Fashion.

Working Experience          :      Sugai has experience working in various salons in Tokyo and won in various contests in Japan.

Specialities                         :      Sugai has a distinctive style hair cut, and specializes in feminine hair style, and short natural hair style.

OH MY GOD , how lucky i am .. i fell no regret at all to come over this place \(T▽T)/ i'm so so soooooo blessed !

after i told him what kind of texture i want , her assistant kindly show me the way and begin to wash my hair.
hey , look .. matcha is there .. XD
she asked me to choose cold water or warm water to use? i choose warm water because i love warm and it makes more relax on me.ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
she massage my head while shampooing my hair, and the massage is REALLY good too! she also ask is the massage pressure is enough or not? i give you 5/5 point for the service , its really worth to come (●´∀`●)//

HEY , you know that Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio by HiSATO using a technology called Carbonated Water O_O"??! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

it makes scalp ad hair more healthy, add shine to hair, makes colored hair more long lasting, and PH balance is 5 which is perfect for our hair.

The technology ONLY available at Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio by HISATO and it was the 1st in Indonesia! YOU SHOULD TRY FOR THIS ONE OR YOU WILL REGRET ! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

yeah so now , sugai-san begin to cut my hair. he is really doing serious face while cutting my hair , its really looks professional. ⊙△⊙
we don't talk much unfortunately , he is quite busy .. cause still some people have wait for this guy T___T ~ ohh well , but still i'm happy ~~

after cutting, wash and blow they also give my hair gloss water to make my hair shining!
THIS IS A RESULT .... (~≧∇≦)~~
oh yes , i look more young ..

my hair is so smooth, glowing and soooo good looking ! ⊙△⊙
they also give a natural blow on my hair , so impressive !
and i love it so much! looks kawaii~ (´?`)? arigatouuuu sugai-san
THIS HAIR SO AWESOME and i told him too , he said "arigatougozaimaz" so cuteeee .. O(≧▽≦)O

this some of picture with the hair sylist shunji matsuo :
with Miyuki-san
with Sugai-san
with Hisato-san
 i just miss one T__T , i'm so sorry to Takeda-san , u were quite busy and i'm afraid to bother your job . next meet , we have to take a picture neee ... ^^

hair stylist

they are all saying "Thank you" with a kind smile and Honest this is the best salon i've ever see .. none of salon gave me BEST service like this salon ! O(≧▽≦)O
The service is very great, the hairstylist is top best, and the most important you will feel like at home because the atmosphere , stuff , staff , all of them is very kind. O(≧▽≦)O

And this is our picture after finish in front of Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio. i'm with my partner Matcha..

 we've been afraid to going back home , cause normally it will be mess again while riding motor cycle ..
until today my hair is still smooth, silky and good smell ! i'm kinda curious about what product did they use O_O?

For summary , i'm really impressive with Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio by HiSATO, i'll give it 10/10. you all gave me the best service and i really satisfied ~ O(≧▽≦)O

Interested on trying their service? you should try for get a nice hair i guess Ψ(´▽`)Ψ

because they are newly open at Lippo Mall Kemang there's a discount! go there and bring your friends ...


Location : 

Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio by HiSATO
Lippo Mall Kemang Level 1, unit 02 , Jl. Pangeran Antasari 36 . Kemang, Jakarta Selatan
Telp. (+62 21) 2952 8398 or (+62 21) 2952 8399
Facebook: Shunji Matsuo Indonesia
Twitter: @shunjimatsuo

Have a lovely day ~~ O(≧▽≦)O


  1. I like the result on you, so kawaii~ thanks for sharing too, I hope they'll open a branch at my place. hehe

    1. i trully happy also with the result on me ! XD
      and thanks a lot pretty ..
      wish it too T__T ~ since their salon so far from my home ~

  2. kalian mirip2 yaa wajahnya ^^
    nice hair cut! :)

    1. maksudnya aku sama matcha ?? ^_^
      thankyou cutiiee ~~

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    would u mind to visit my blog too?? i'm still newbie too..

    once agaiinn.. love ur bangs sist #lovelove

    1. yooo tataaa :D ~ thankyou yahh uda di follow ~

      i will visit yours soon <3 !

      thanks a lot !

  4. Aaaaaa... di foto kedua ada gw lg di cutting ama Takeda-san... Keliatan hp gw yg PINK ... >.<

    1. ohhh lu yang itu tohh ~~ pantes kaya pernah liat .. troll face#

      dapet hair stylistnya yang takeda-san ya ? :3 bagus gak ?

    2. wah... *malu... hahahaha
      Bagus banget d,,, hahaha.. cmn gw gk sk di abis cutting, karyawan nya ama gw buat rmbt gw curly bgt.. gw minta gk curly, kata dy 2 putaran doank kok.. swt d >.<
      gw udah janjian ama matcha lain kali pergi lagi and pergi bareng :p

    3. lool ~~ untung gue di blow natural ..
      disuru sugai-san nya bgitu :3 hihihiihi !

      ohh gtuu , iyaa pergii barengg ajaa biar ada tmennya juga :)

    4. Iyah... tar u ikutan jg yahh.. ^^

  5. wah, u're so cuteeee <3

    salam kenal btw...

    1. thanks a lot monic ~~ you're pretty <3

      nice to meet yoy ^,^)/

  6. omg your hair looks amazing

    xoxo Wengie

    1. thankyou so much wengie ,
      i love my hair cut also now XD ~~ <3

  7. nice pictures *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. ahhh glad to know that ~~
      keep follow my post pretty girl ~ <3

      i will check yours ;D

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    1. gyaaaaa ~~ >o<
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  9. wow.. your hair looks so shiny!

  10. how about the haircut and tips cost? quite pricey or not? thx before.. (:

    1. no doubt for the hair cut ! really great works ^^

      and for me is quite pricey , but shunji matsuo really using a great technology also the international hair stylist with a great experience.

      so i think its worth :)