Friday, June 7, 2013

(Review) EYEMIMO false eyelashes !

Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
this is 3rd post in this weekend since i have to finish everything before i got a trouble some on my plan also final exam sooner ! hihiii ~

so today again i will show you a review of false eyelashes from EYEMIMO !

A private company headquarted in the San Francisco Bay Area, Eyemimo® is a global leader in wholesale, hand-crafted artificial eyelashes to beauty shops and retailers and was created in 2007.

With many different styles and designs to choose from, our extensive catalog is perfect for virtually any situation. From beauty and nail shops and bridal supply stores to makeup retailers and more.

Our products are created with extraordinary care and attention to quality, our unique eyelashes are made by hand and bundled in eye-catching packages that will guaranteed to drive strong retail sales.

Every set of Eyemimo® lashes is created from either synthetic or sterilized human hair, and a rigorous quality-control process ensures the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing and distribution. This means incomparable value for our retailers across the United States and around the world.

So here some products that they sent me to be reviewed ,

some goodie bag with a lovely envelope with some explanation about their products also kind of their eyelashes ~ and they sell so many kind and so unique definitely !
just see as well on picture ,

if you couldn't see well on picture , you might visit their site instead ( sorry for some blur picture )
so i tried one of them lashes for some review (NTR 13)

the rate price for natural eyelashes arround $6.00 , you could check their site for more regular information and also kind of lashes . you might love them !

and if you are interested on their products , don't hesitate to contact them !
JAK & Sweetie LLC
715 El Camino Real Suite 207
San Bruno, CA 94066

Toll Free: 1-888-723-2219
Local: (415) 839-1018
Phone support hours from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. PST

(Review) Clair Beauty MA023 Dark Brown sponsored Hazelnutz Cawaii

Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ again for new post ,
so in this post i will do some review about Clair Beauty Wig sponsored by Hazelnuts Cawai !
Hazelnuts Cawai is an online shop sell so many kind of wigs ~ they are absolutely original from taiwan / japan / china just depend what you choose .
and seriously , this is a lovely online shop ( it's not cause they are sponsoring me ) but they keep informed me through the package still on the way and they even preparing for goodie bag and nice packaging just such professional shop (*^▽^*)

so , let's go to the review,
Hazelnutz Cawaii has contacted me to review some products from clair beauty . so , i decide to choose a yes option surely ;p and i choose for clair beauty code MA023 Dark Brown .
this is how it looks the wig first from the model of clair beautyand optional of colors,

Taiwanese brand Clair Beauty specializes in quality hairpieces, extensions and wigs that are comfortable and easy to use. Clair Beauty takes pride in using Kanekalon, a top-of-the-line Japanese synthetic fiber that is heat tolerant and feels silky smooth like natural hair. Withstanding up to 180 degrees Farenheit, Kanekalon fibers allow the wig to be styled with any hair dryer or curling iron for a unique finishing touch. Each Clair Beauty full wig features a specially designed cap that is adjustable to fit most sizes and is made from a breathable fabric to ensure all day comfort.

Clair Beauty collaborates with numerous renowned Taiwanese hair stylists to create a wide variety of wigs and hairpieces designed to offer women a unique hairstyle. Whether it's long, short, wavy or kawaii, Clair Beauty offers every woman a hairpiece for a stylish transformation.

so how it looks in real ?

without flash

with flash
as you could see , its getting more looks synthetic if using flash camera and more naturally such real hair without using flash camera . but if you do comperate with japanese wig , its totally sure that japanese wig just such number one quality and looks better than taiwan wig .
but it doesn't mean Clair Beauty is bad quality , its still great quality too .

and how it looks on me and the style of wig,

i just got the same hair with the model first picture i showed you just with another color hair . and i take a picture with flash so its a little bit get shinny on hair ~
still good after all for daily wig and easy to use .

If you are interested to buy some wig , Hazelnutz Cawaii sell so many kind of wigs ! you could check their page and also guarantee you that their products is original since we've got so many fake of wigs import = w =" ~

So , this is for today ~ Have a nice Day everyone !!  \( ´ ▽ ` )/

Looking For Beauty Box ? here i give you a review STARLOOK beauty box !

hi girlss ~~ a new post for some review (´▽`)/
so nowdays i heard so many beauty box arround . have you interested with beauty box ?

well , i will try to introduce you a beauty box from starlooks !

Starlooks’ contract formulation team is located in Canada and China. Our Representatives - who travel to these locations on a regular basis, have direct control over quality, safety, and the production cost of our products. In addition, our representatives and the chemists at these locations have worked for other labs in the past (including MAC®), and can build custom products and improve upon the formulation team’s own basic formulations, if Starlooks chooses to do so.

Certain Starlooks color cosmetics are custom-created for Starlooks by revising and improving existing ingredients such as content, colors, polymers, etc., based on our and the chemist’s recommendations. Starlooks decides when to change the names of the lab’s stock products or components for these products as a secondary priority – based on cost. Our brushes – which are NOT custom manufactured - are chosen carefully by our manufacturer. However Starlooks provides input as to the quality of these tools, making sure that they are manufactured to our satisfaction before we sell them. Our opinion is that these tools FAR surpass most others sold.

Here I got the Star Box April Edition ,

well , i've been so surprised that i got 4 make up in full size and if you really look their price its totally worth to get it ! $25 for april star box and with totally lovely products that i got really nice isn't ?? i've see some other bloggers got a march star box with another make up inside . so , here is the april edition for you guys who are curious with beauty box from starlooks !

see for more clearly ,

mascara base

mineralized powder

tender gloss lipstick

lip balm mint
so , how it is ?? interested to try ??
please don't hesitate to contact them , they are so welcome !
Starlooks is a full service company.
If you have questions or need help, they are available to assist you on weekdays between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time.
Customer Service Phone Number: (949) 679-0679

Have a great weekend !

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
first giveaway ended since 30 may ~ sorry for delay announcement !
since i've been so busy for many things yet ..

well well well ... i've checked all the efforts you guys did on my giveaway and just like i told you i really appreciate peoples doing more for become a winners ~

and for second time , i would say sorry that the win prize has changed become another product but still worth for you guys .
the argant treatment oil just out of stock since the wish company sell it well and get so many interest by people ! so , here is the win prize ~ 

2pcs / winners
so , who is the 3 lucky winners on this giveway ??

1. mitchellina metta
2. Stella Mariss
3. Rita Iryanti


i've contacted wish ompany for sent you the products sooner ~ 
please kindly wait their products arrive as well ! :)

and thankyou for you guys who joined of my giveaway , i will try to do another giveaway in another good times !


Sunday, June 2, 2013

(Review) False Lashes Chanty Eyelash #729

new post is come for you girls .
how are you today ?? hope you are all fine and well ~
so , i'm back to share you a new post as usual and today i will do a review about false lashes that i got from : Chanty Eyelash Taiwan
do you guys know about their products ??

well , let's move to the review (*^▽^*)

thankyou so much for this !!

i never bought import lashes before cause usually i wear the local fake lashes . since the price also cheap :p but of course the quality will be different with the import one .
price will never lie ~ ^▽^
they have so many choice of lashes and you might love some of them !

Add caption

the lashes is quite long for my eyes and the lashes is very smooth just such a hair ~ its what i mean from local and import .
and i love to touch the lashes cause the smoothness ~ ( ´ ▽ ` )/
anyways , though the lashes are long , but doesn't mean bad looking . i just prefer the normal lashes but it could be nice this one for some event/party ~
sorry if i'm not doing good for apply the lashes , still newbie wearing lashes :p

if you feel interested on their  products , don't hesitate to find them and take a look all their products . they are so welcome and kindly company ~

Chanty Eyelash

Have a lovely days !