Saturday, May 11, 2013

Glamorous nail art with simply circle glitter !

hi girlsss ~! back to  nail art time! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
so , today i'll review some decoration nail art products that i got from kkcenterhk !
Thankyou so much  ~

so just same like before ,
i just doing a simply nail art but quite interest to tried ヽ(^Д^)ノ with my own nail art style ~

let's see how is the decoration :
Pink !
Brand New With Original Retail Packing
100% Authentic
Shape: Circle
Color : Deep Pink
Net Weight : 10g
Size : 2.5mm Or 1/10
Bottles Made Of Plastic

so , this is it the result :

for the colour base nail , i used for the blue sky and the yellow colours . it seems cute when i see the mix pink with the blue . and the lil ribbon that i got also from KKcenterHK : here
for more detailed and see how i call it glamor , you might see the videos here :

the blink blink glamor
( sorry for bad quality videos )

there is so many type decoration nail , if you are interested to buy ,
you can go to the website :
they sell so many things from nail art , hair tools , make up so many others ~
and u can use code : girls-line  to get 10% discount !!

so that's it for today ~
any ideas for next nail art ?? 
yoshhh ~~ for question and some advice just leave some comment, (≧∇≦)

Have a lovely day , Girls ~~~ (●´∀`●)


  1. hallo! Nice to meet u! First time saw u post in butterfly! Leave a foot print here!

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    1. for sure emily .. you are so welcome and i dont mind to follow each otheer ^^
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  2. Wow! I just dropped by, but your nails are reeeeallly pretty! You're so talented. Please do more videos in the future! If you have time , could you please check out my blog too? I'd appreciate that soooooooo much! thanks~! xoxo


    1. thankyou ivy , i really happy for it ! but seriously im still newbie for nail art =(
      but i do really happy if you guys really love it ! ^^

      check your blog soon !

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    1. hello , thankyou nika !
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  4. They are so so pretty and sweet!
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    1. hello carolyne ,
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