Wednesday, January 16, 2013

(Review) Eye Shadow Couleurs Nature By Yves Rocher Made in France PART II

Girlssss ~~ (●´∀`●)
new post is up wohooooo ~~ as i said before , i still have another colours for this sinlge shadow (^O^)/
and Now , i will review the second single eyeshadow Couleurs Nature #52 Turquoise Reseda By Yves Rocher - France

here i will show you , 
swatch on my hand ... and you can see the differences between the last color ~

as you can see , now i will review a bit dark green maybe we could call it tosca ? lol , since i dont know how to explain well the color for this one (/⊙△⊙)
the color is more darker than before , but it still great looking cause not so dark also ~

i'm still not enough good for shading through my eyes (/゚Д゚)/ i have to  practice more and more i guess for make it looks well ~ hihihi !
and yeah i'm sorry for review-ing on my right eye's only cause i really make a quick review ~  (‘∀’●)

here's some picture of me wearing this color eye shadow :

how do you guys think? the colour is not good enough on me or it suits on my eyes ??
and which one you prefer ?? 
#52 Turquoise Reseda or #61 Bleu Clematite ??


oh ya , it still one of them still pending ,  i have 3 single shadows of couleurs nature on my makeup bag . so wait for the last ! ;D xoxoooo !
and if you are interested to buy some of them product ( Y-ves Rocher ), maybe u could find their shop in some of big mal's . i found one of their shop in Lippo Kemang - Jakarta maybe still a lot of i just didn't reach them out ~

That's it for today i hope you guys enjoy my review.
 i really want to hear some good advice. i know you guys are really good at this, (‘∀’●)♡

Have a nice day and dont forget to comment bellow ~~ (‘∀’●)♡


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