Sunday, January 6, 2013

Black Bear Sticker Feat Skinfood Nail Art !

hi girls!
i would say sorry first cause i haven't updating a new post about me for some moment! (T▽T)
i'm so busy with some holidays , assignments, preparing for examination sooner,

ahh ... so , today i'll review about a really cute sticker nail art that i got from Matcha (*^▽^*)
the sticker is really cute , with black color and bear animal designed ~~
and also the brown color nail polish from Skinfood give me a best match on my nails .

but before i put the nail polish on my nails, i put a pink base coat first to protect my nails ..
this is a product :

and after it , i start to put the nail polish on my nails ..
u wonder how it looks the color , right ?? ヽ(^Д^)ノ

yeahhh .. this is it ... the brown color i talked ~
 and now ,
we will going to the cute sticker .. the black bear sticker  and some black bear wear some ribbon on their neck ~ ヽ(^Д^)ノ
how cute it is ..

u wanna see how is the result ? yeaaahh .. its show timeee ~~~ !!

after u put the sticker on your nail , never forget to put the transparant nail polish ..
to protect the stickers on and stay long on your nails ..
ahhhh , its really simple and makes your nails looks so cuteeeeyy O(≧▽≦)O

how it looks for you all and for the brown color on my nails ??
would you try the same ??
if you have any advice or comment on my post , just do it bellow ... okay ?

Have a great weekend Girls ~~~ (●´∀`●)


  1. such cuute nail art! The bear is soo adorable :) fun size beauty

    1. thankyouuu ~
      and yea .. i love the bears ~ XD

  2. Kawaii... suka nail art nya.... ^_^
    btw,thx udah mampir di blog ku ya say...
    Just followed back yours..
    Salam kenal..

    1. you're welcome cantiikk ~~ <3
      nice to meet youuu too :*

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  4. Oh gosh... So cute >.< lucu banget stickernya <3


    1. aaaaaa ~ agreed ! kalo ada aslinya mau aku cubit2 XD

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  6. Hey! I nominated you on Liebster Award! Check out my post and answers the questions ;)

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  8. cute nails... i love it... ^^

    pls follow mine if u dont mind... thank you...

  9. suits you a lot dear!! super cuteeeee ^___^

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    thank you.

    1. hello pretty , i do followed you since long ;D !
      and also join for your giveaway <3 wanna get some ~ hihihi

  11. Ahh! The bears are so cute!!


    P.S. Found you on Beautylish! I followed ^_^

    1. much adorable ! ;D

      keep visit and follow pretty ~