Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Maid Cafe - Koshinko - Jakarta , Indonesia

hello everybody ~
its been a moment that i didn't create a new post about cosplay
well , this time i will share about my experience as a maid in maid cafe (Koshinko Moe Cosplay League 1) !
Location : Leg 1 - Mal Ciputra , Jakarta - Indonesia
who doesn't know maid cafe since this is so popular and more in japan (*^▽^*)

source :

about last year , 2012 .. November ,,, make an audition for their maid cafe competition .. free regist and you could win the money more there ! u got the money eventhough ure lose in competition cause u work , what the hell ! xD

u can open their site for more information : 

credits : okutabi photography

so many people will interested to get some chance be a maid ~ and more koshinko open about 5 legs with difference theme , for leg 1 is about maid !
and yeah i could say that i was lucky for this audition ! they choose me as one of their maid ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

here i am , Xiao ..

well , i have a character yankee in hiden ( sounds like rough ) ~
seems funny , but yeah this is my first experience as a maid for maid cafe ~
and you know what ?? i really dont expect be a winner , but i got a 3rd place in their competition ..
and i got the next ticket for leg 2  (。♥‿♥。) i really feel so blessed ~

credits  rw|photoworks

credits  rw|photoworks

credits : okutabi photography
its not going to the end , cause leg 2 will coming soon ~~ (*^▽^*) with different theme and also location ! Leg 2 will be on 23-24 febuary 2013 at Mal Of Indonesia - Jakarta - Indonesia , with a cute theme definitely ~ ヽ(^Д^)ノ

and yes , top 5 from Leg 1 will meet you all in Leg 2 ,  so if you are interested about maid cafe .. u could come and we will serve the best meal and service for you goshujin/ojou sama ~
and i think for all otaku , u shouldn't miss this chance ..

if you are really have some question about this cafe you could comment bellow or you would talk more about this maid cafe ,

Glad to share this post with you all ...

PS : (oh yeahh , animonstar has come to our cafe before and they make a post about koshinko moe cosplay league on 1 page on their magazine animonstar series 166 ! our cafe start become exist , lol ! \(≧∇≦)/ )

have a great day all \(≧∇≦)/


  1. wow I love these pics!!! 它棒了!;) come to my blog if you like! Byeee

  2. there is one maid cafe in kl that I know of named Tenshi Cafe in e@curve :)

    they served cute looking bento n have maids as well :)

    1. yeahhh there are so many maid cafe already , world wide ~ ;O
      and so many lovely menu with many cute maids ;D