Monday, January 14, 2013

IBB Makeup Challenge ! (*^▽^*)

hello pretty girls ~
how are you ??
here i come again with a new post for join the contest make up challenge from indonesia beauty blogger and sponsored by maybeline (*^▽^*)

well this is the contest ,

since they said the theme is must have a red .. so , i think its better for get a red on lips and yes , since so long i think RED  is a sexiest color and more in lips (●´∀`●) and whenever i see some girls wear the red lipstick often time looks so gorgeous and sexy (⊙△⊙)/
so this is my first time challenge to tried a red colour on my lips ,

i feel so difference whenever see my style make up like this , looks more mature and it was a bit shy for me to getting more mature on my face .

its me with my lovely RED motorcycle

ah ya , for my shadow on eyes ..  i tried for a green smoky eyes , its really my first time for wearing smooky eyes also .. this is really a challenge for me ! everything such a first time for me here .. 
i think you all can't see clearly how the smooky eyes color on me ..
so , i will show you !

how it looks ? is it suit on me or not ??
i'm using NYX pallete for the eyeshadow and Maybelline Lipstick for my red lips ~

this is my first time , so if i don't do well surely i will practice more for next time ^▽^
think i'm too much post for this challenge , LOL ! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

this contest will be close on January 20th 2013 ~ 
and voting will start on 21-26 january , so if you like my makeup style for this contest kindly to vote me  on 21-26 january ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ i will be so thankful for it ~ (。♥‿♥。)

hahahaaa , i'm doing sillyness ~ dont mind it ~ :p

SOooooooo .. Wish me Luck for the contest and if you are interested to join the contest , 
the greatest gift from Maybelline waiting for you ~ IDR 500.000 for 2 winners !

Have a nice day peoples ! (。♥‿♥。)


  1. awesome as always...
    u look so mature but cute at the same time

    n i really love ur hair :D

    1. really ?? i feel so old honestly with this make up style :p
      hihihi .. but thankyou so much pretty rhyna ~ <3 smooch*

  2. bagus smokey eyesnyaaa xD
    ini jg prtama kaliny aku pakai lipstik merah ;3
    good luck for us yaaa :D

    1. hello riniii ~~
      thankyouuuu <3 msi harus bljr lagi buat smokey yg lainnya nihh ~ ><
      and yeaa .. lipstick merahnya seperti menor di daku T__T ~

      but good luck us <3 :*

  3. Hello dear, nice pics!

    wanna be friends?


    1. thankyou girl ~~ <3

      sure why we can't be friends ;D

  4. i like it!
    i would like it even more without the green eyeshadow because green and red are oposite colors!
    try it again with just your red lipstick and a black eyeliner!

    1. ahh thanks robinoula for some advice ,
      will try more better again in next post ! ^^

      keep visit my blog site !;D

  5. Replies
    1. lololol ~~ :D how could you call it kawaii ? when i'm doing sillyness there xD

      but so thankyou <3