Sunday, June 2, 2013

(Review) False Lashes Chanty Eyelash #729

new post is come for you girls .
how are you today ?? hope you are all fine and well ~
so , i'm back to share you a new post as usual and today i will do a review about false lashes that i got from : Chanty Eyelash Taiwan
do you guys know about their products ??

well , let's move to the review (*^▽^*)

thankyou so much for this !!

i never bought import lashes before cause usually i wear the local fake lashes . since the price also cheap :p but of course the quality will be different with the import one .
price will never lie ~ ^▽^
they have so many choice of lashes and you might love some of them !

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the lashes is quite long for my eyes and the lashes is very smooth just such a hair ~ its what i mean from local and import .
and i love to touch the lashes cause the smoothness ~ ( ´ ▽ ` )/
anyways , though the lashes are long , but doesn't mean bad looking . i just prefer the normal lashes but it could be nice this one for some event/party ~
sorry if i'm not doing good for apply the lashes , still newbie wearing lashes :p

if you feel interested on their  products , don't hesitate to find them and take a look all their products . they are so welcome and kindly company ~

Chanty Eyelash

Have a lovely days !