Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
first giveaway ended since 30 may ~ sorry for delay announcement !
since i've been so busy for many things yet ..

well well well ... i've checked all the efforts you guys did on my giveaway and just like i told you i really appreciate peoples doing more for become a winners ~

and for second time , i would say sorry that the win prize has changed become another product but still worth for you guys .
the argant treatment oil just out of stock since the wish company sell it well and get so many interest by people ! so , here is the win prize ~ 

2pcs / winners
so , who is the 3 lucky winners on this giveway ??

1. mitchellina metta
2. Stella Mariss
3. Rita Iryanti


i've contacted wish ompany for sent you the products sooner ~ 
please kindly wait their products arrive as well ! :)

and thankyou for you guys who joined of my giveaway , i will try to do another giveaway in another good times !



  1. Congrats to the winners, xoxo.

  2. yeay! thank you so much~ :D
    second time win something from wishtrend XD

  3. aww. i didn't win. :(
    But congrats to the winners!

  4. Hello, Xiao! I just saw this!! I was very surprised at first when the gifts arrived, I thought that they sent it to the wrong address until I saw my name. I'm so happy! Thank you, Xiao & Wish Trend! xD