Friday, June 7, 2013

Looking For Beauty Box ? here i give you a review STARLOOK beauty box !

hi girlss ~~ a new post for some review (´▽`)/
so nowdays i heard so many beauty box arround . have you interested with beauty box ?

well , i will try to introduce you a beauty box from starlooks !

Starlooks’ contract formulation team is located in Canada and China. Our Representatives - who travel to these locations on a regular basis, have direct control over quality, safety, and the production cost of our products. In addition, our representatives and the chemists at these locations have worked for other labs in the past (including MAC®), and can build custom products and improve upon the formulation team’s own basic formulations, if Starlooks chooses to do so.

Certain Starlooks color cosmetics are custom-created for Starlooks by revising and improving existing ingredients such as content, colors, polymers, etc., based on our and the chemist’s recommendations. Starlooks decides when to change the names of the lab’s stock products or components for these products as a secondary priority – based on cost. Our brushes – which are NOT custom manufactured - are chosen carefully by our manufacturer. However Starlooks provides input as to the quality of these tools, making sure that they are manufactured to our satisfaction before we sell them. Our opinion is that these tools FAR surpass most others sold.

Here I got the Star Box April Edition ,

well , i've been so surprised that i got 4 make up in full size and if you really look their price its totally worth to get it ! $25 for april star box and with totally lovely products that i got really nice isn't ?? i've see some other bloggers got a march star box with another make up inside . so , here is the april edition for you guys who are curious with beauty box from starlooks !

see for more clearly ,

mascara base

mineralized powder

tender gloss lipstick

lip balm mint
so , how it is ?? interested to try ??
please don't hesitate to contact them , they are so welcome !
Starlooks is a full service company.
If you have questions or need help, they are available to assist you on weekdays between 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM, Pacific Standard Time.
Customer Service Phone Number: (949) 679-0679

Have a great weekend !