Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Report Experience at Mint Day Spa & Salon with My Beloved Sister !!

Girlsss !!  Ψ(´▽`)Ψ
omg its really been awhile since the last post ~~ feels so glad to make a new post i am ..
i would feel so sorry i've been busy with my thesis since im in the last grade in my university ~

so yeaa .. i'm here i will do share some of experience about Korean Spa at Mint Day Spa & Salon ~

a weeks ago i've visited  Mint Spa at Jakarta Pusat Jl Wahid Hasyim no 65 !! 
its really strategic place since i don't find it hard the location of this place ;D
so lets have some sharing about this treatment bellow ~~

so the first place i visit after the receptionist is this place ! the locker room to keep your stuff and also for change your clothes ! dont worry you dont need to bring special clothes for the treatment .. they prepared you as a princess :D

The experience begins with a detoxification of the skin!
you will stay 15 minute steam in the sauna room or you could stay more if you want depend how long you want to stay to open the skin pores.
so i was stay for 15 minutes i can't stay for more long cause i was so weak for sauna :))
my sister was love this sauna she even put more hot for the room *sigh* i can't survive inside full of waterfall from my forehead and all my body sooo sweat ~ LOL

and notice , this is my first experience to tried Korean Spa , so when i was in this room i was so shock cause it was so many water on floor :))
you will be here until you finish your last treatment ! ;D

the scrub rooms where all treatments are administered by strict professional technicians. The full body exfoliation starts with a special Korean scrub pad for the removal of dead skin cells.
i really really love the way technician do take off my dead skin cells by the scrub pad ~ it wasn't feel pain and hurt me instead .. the most important it really works well !

Next is the body lotion scrub to replenish the skin with nutrients and they used also a real milk for make your skin really healthy and smooth ! omg i love it ~
And finally a massage to regenerate collagen production. The treatment ensures our customers with a soft and bright new skin.

and the last last last step they gave us is shampooing our hair as well and they prepared you the shampoo also the conditioner if you don't bring any ;) so no worries ~
and for make sure your body are clean from head to toes ........... they asked to shower our self and they gave us the towel also for dry our body and hair ~


Don't be afraid if your hair wet ! they prepared some hair dryer also you will finish all completely without looks finish took a shower ;) and look fresh !

Anyway ..........
Mint Korean Spa treatments are only for women and salon is open to both male and females. In addition to our normal salon treatments, they have eye lash extension, waxing, and full body massages.

waxing room
After all the result of the treatment and also the place ... is REALLY GOOD !
eventhough Mint Spa is still in category new cause they just open the place 4 months ago ~ i would recomend you to try their treatment cause it was soo soo relax ~ clean place .. fresh air ..and comfortable ~~
noted it the korean spa is only works for girls ;) you could enjoy with your mommy .. or your sister / daughter also your friends !  they had a special price list for you since they want introduce you a korean spa :D

Normal Price

Sooooo .. this is my experience at Mint Day Spa with my sister !
Interested to come over here and try their treatment ?? Or are you interested to look more their information ??
you could visit them here : 
Location : Jl Wahid Hasyim no 65, Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone : (021) 31925534

a little snap shot with my sist ;p
Have A Nice Day Everyone ~~


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