Sunday, February 23, 2014

(Review) Brightlele Wig B/PM 2 tones colors sponsored Hazelnutz Cawaii !

Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ , back to a new post !
so , this times Hazelnutz Cawaii has sponsored me a cute wig and super adorable colors !

let me introduce you who is Hazelnutsz Cawaii?
Hazelnutz Cawaii is an online shop sell so many kind of wigs ~ they are absolutely original from taiwan / japan / china just depend what you choose and interested ! i really recomend you this shop for looking an original wig because somehow i found out untrusted online shop wigs through social media :)
yey ! goodie..

look i got the second goodies this time from Hazelnutz Cawaii (*^▽^*) how lovely this shop and really give a good service for their customer ~ the packaging is nice also and always with a cute paper gift . so , lets take a look what i got inside the goody bag ............
wig + wig cap
so , yeah .. Hazelnutz Cawaii has contacted me to choose the next wig for review . so , i decide to choose Brightlele's wig since i heard the quality is quite nice and not exactly hot during wear it. so i choose the Brightlele's wig with 2 tone colors such Ash Brown (like caramel arround) and some Pink ! and i got free wig cap inside the wig package :)
Let's check it out for the review ,

Model of Wig

Looks Real !

Outdoor Light

Flash Light
as you see , it just looks like a real hair !
the quality is more smooth than my taiwan wig before Clair Beauty , its really more looks smooth even easier to brush it also cause i choose the straight one :D
the colors makes some shine with flash camera and without is more naturally. its thick , not hot and the piece of hair not easier fall out ~

aww ! just love it as well ..
the colors of wig becomes a bit brighter on picture cause the effect of flash , but it doesn't change any and still having a great colors . really loves this wig ~
Super Thankyou for my Sponsored online Shop , Hazelnutz Cawaii !

and If you are interested to buy somes, Hazelnutz Cawaii sells so many kind of wigs,
you could check their page here : Hazelnutz Cawaii and also guarantee you that their products is original since we've got so many fake of wigs import = w =" ~

So , this is for today ~ Have a nice Day everyone !!  \( ´ ▽ ` )/


  1. your face like barbie doll and the wig look real

  2. omooo warnanya bagus.. wignya keliatan natural >_<
    jadi kepengen.. tp blm ada budget..haha

    don't forget to join my giveaway ( ^^)/

  3. Wignya bagus bangett pas dikamu. Jd kelihatan jepang banget ^0^


  5. warna wignya bagus banget deh, cocok sam kamu. racun bgt nih jadi pengen

  6. you look sooo cute !
    and love the color of the wig !
    can you use heat tools for the wig to make it curly or something like that ?

    anyway mind to follow each other ?
    i've already followed you