Monday, August 12, 2013

Review - Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Pink

Girlssss ~~ (●´∀`●) new post is up wohooooo ~~
i'm back to share you a new post as usual !

and for the picture of swatches i got some help from my hubby ! he let me doing the swatches on his hands ⊙△⊙ hahahaaa (^O^)/ i do really love this guy ! *smooch

well so this is it ,

i bought this lipbalm arround 3-4 months ago when maybelline has a discount of price ! and i got this lipbalm only with 20.000,- IDR  (●´∀`●) how blessed i am and i don't regret to have this cause its absolutely what i want when looking for lip balm . its really cheap for my budget !

the texture isn't bad at all and its quite thin inside also the packaging . It glides so easily on the lips and The texture is buttery smooth also glossy look to the lips which looks super nice. It is very light in texture, does not feel heavy at all. and don't worry for the fragrance , it gives you a nice smell such strawberry doesn't bother you at all and give not bad taste .

Let see the swatches ,


no Flash

No Flash
what do you think guys with this color ?
i think you guys will love it and also with the pink color will be suit with your color .
and if you don't like or prefer the peach color they had also for the peach and i do have one also (‘∀’●)/
i will post the peach color  the other times !

Have a nice days ~~


  1. I like peach tones more than others.But it's nice too.

    1. peach is great too ^^ just a bit fade on lips :(