Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hyuna 4minute ice cream Makeup inspired

hello ladies~ ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ
new post coming again ..
so , today i want to share about experience tryin out of korean makeup!
its my first time so i would say sorry if i get some failure ⊙△⊙ ~

well, i was interested on hyuna makeup on her mv ice cream . its really seems gorgeous and cute looking so i would try since i never tried out korean inspired makeup ≧∇≦

i really don't think i was doing totally same 100% makeup like her , hope you are not disappointed on my experience . i'm still newbie on korean makeup ≧∇≦
and hyuna eyeliner is super duper black , my eyeliner is not enough black to make a same liner on my eyes (T▽T) gomenneeee ...

so yeaaa , lets go to the results :

how is it? seem a failure experiment (T▽T) 
but for you guys really loves her makeup it wasn't complicated makeup after all , you should try (~≧∇≦)~~

so this is post for today , 
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and if you have any questions so far just leave a comment bellow !

Have a great day Girls !


  1. Replies
    1. inspirasi dari conello juga nih dew , xD
      hihihii ! thanks ya dew :D

  2. Bagus makeupnya... Apalagi es krimnya T_T bikin ngiler (lho?) Hahaha

    Salam kenal ^_^

    1. es krimnya jadi eye catching ;p hihihi !
      thankyou ya Lucii ...
      nice to meet you

  3. matanya cantik ^^ pake lens apa kak?

    1. hello Devi ,
      aku pake lens Geo xTra sakuraa .. bisa di cek reviewnya disini :

      hehe ;D

  4. Not bad! it looks cute on you :)