Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review [KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream ! ( BB cream )

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ahh ... so , today i'll review about the bb cream that i got from wish company (*^▽^*)
have you tried this one before ??

Klairs is a Korean beauty brand whose products are formulated according to dermatologists’ recommended formula.  What I really liked is that all of Klairs’ products are formulated without ethanol, parabens, artificial colors (for skincare, not so much makeup i think!), and they do not perform animal testing!

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream, SPF40 / PA++

I really looking for is an easy to use, everyday, natural make-up base.  Throw in a good sunscreen factor, and i’m a happy girl.  I’d much rather invest in good skincare for all the additional pampering. And I think that is where Klair’s BB cream excels.  it is a nice, neutral shade that is suitable for most Asian skin tones.  
It is not grey as so many other BB creams are prone to, nor is it too light / dark for the average Asian.  What is most impressive, is that it blends marvelously, allowing your natural skin to still show through whilst effectively toning down any redness and covering blemishes (for larger zits a proper concealor may still be required).

Let see how the swatches really natural for my skin seriously ;

with flash

non flash
cover the redness and pore as well !

I really liked the smooth creamy texture of this BB cream, not too oily nor sticky!  After application, it leaves my face just nicely matte, no oily sheen like some other BB creams.
I actually loved it so much, I couldn’t stop using it once I started, and went on for a whole week until I got something new to review!
With the built-in SPF 40 / PA++ protection, I actually felt safe enough to skip my everyday sunscreen.

Are you interested to try on this product ?? Looking where you have to buy it ??
Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream is currently available here :

if you want looking for another korean makeup , you could searching on their site for more !
and they have some wish box also on their collection .

Find them Here :
Wishtrend Facebook Official

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  1. hi very interesting post..i love korean product but may times i lost them by you know if this can be sent to italy?

    1. hello , thankyou for come accross to my post .
      Wishtrend has shipped korean beauty all over the world.. so it means your country include :D

      you may check it here for more details ,

      and i got my parcel as well from them ^^