Friday, July 26, 2013

Review - Dear Darling Neon Tint Orange Etude House

hello pretty girls ~
here i come again with a new post about one of etude house makeup (*^▽^*)

well , i will review dear darling neon tint orang for today ..

this liptint is really have the sama packaging with dear darling tint , you can check my review here Dear Darling Tint . still cute packaging and the color really catch my eyes seriously (≧▽≦) smells more fresh and sweet and taste not bad too! taste kinda like orange~

the differences just the result of this color is more brighter than Dear Darling Tint #3 and i felt a bit disappointed cause the color on my lips is stay no longer than 3 hours . hope it stay long on your lips girls or maybe you got the same like mine ?

and heres the swatches results ,

and let see how it will looks on my lips ,

seriously the color is really perfect with what i looking for , but unfortunately it doesnt stay long for my lips . but so far the color is still great and maybe you guys will love it and more for orange lips color lovers (*^▽^*) you shouldn't miss it !
which one you will decide for your own between dear darling tint number 3 and dear darling neon orange ?? i love the brighter one for my own  (●´∀`●)// 

so thats it for today and wait for the next post sooner , dont miss it ! 

Have a nice day (●´∀`●)// 

lets hangout hubby ^o^


  1. lovely^^

  2. i like dear darling neon :) nice review

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  3. Aww, love the colour on you! It's super pretty. ^_^

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    1. thankyou pretty ;3
      with my pleasure to visit yours !