Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tony Moly Tint Red Apple & Cherry Pink

hi girlss ~~ finally new post is up (´▽`)
since the holidays is over , so i started a new day with university life ~
a little bit busy but hope everything will be fine ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Today i'll review Tony Moly Tint Red Apple & Cherry pink , i guess so many people already know this tint ,
but yes .. i'm gonna reviewing this product for make it more clear how is the result colour .

so as you see , i bought the mini size of cherry tint and yeahh .. the mini size definitely cheap and so easy to bring on pocket for daily days . but i don't find for the apple one , so i decide to bought the original size for the apple one .
and i think its quite limit for the mini size , since i found in many shop the mini cherry tint is out of stock .

so , let see how is the swatch colours :

on my hand
if i should choose the colours between red and pink , i prefer the red one . cause the red one is more showing the colour on my lips than the pink one . i had a bit dark lips skin anyway ^__^ ~
and i feel the red stay more long than pink .

RED               ------------------------                PINK

so , which one you will decide for your own ?? 
i really love the red apple , not only for the colour . cause the apple smell is really make me love this tint much ~ i got luck that i choose the original size for the red apple one (●´∀`●)//

any others comment ??
just leave a comment bellow~ (≧∇≦)/

Have a nice day girls !


  1. cherry pink!

    xo Sarvin

  2. aku punya yang cherry pink, tapi pengen nyobain yg red >_<
    nice review, say~ i'm your new follower hihi
    cek juga yaa blog post aku ^^

  3. I want to get the cherry pink !! ^^

  4. aku beli Tony molly yang kucing itu...salah pesan sih, maunya yang di review Rini, trus hubby pesan di amazon, malah dapet yang bagus kok..=D
    great review...


    1. hihihi tapi yg kucing juga bagus kan shadenya ^3^ ~ so next time beli yg rini review~ productnya numpuk deh ;p

      thankyou ncy btw ;*

  5. pretty colors;)X