Sunday, March 17, 2013

(Review) Dueba Bambi 3 Tone ASH GRAY sponsored by solution-lens

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Today i'll review Dueba Bambi 3 Tone  Gray Circle Lens  that i got from : !!
i feel so sorry first its a bit late review since i got the package ,
i can't wear any lenses i have a reason for sure .. i got a virus on my eyes since end of january.
but i keep my promise to review this lenses and thankyou so much for the lenses  (≧∇≦)/ they do a great customer service also ~

  so yes , back to the topic . so before i've reviewed for my miss eye lenses fairy of water , this is the link fairy of water , and yes this lens less big diameter like mine before . but i love the colour and also the mix 3 tone on this lenses.
The Dueba Bambi series have a same design as the Geo Princess Mimi Tsubasa Bambi series but the color of Dueba Bambi series are softer, brighter and smoother with a variety of colors to choose from. The color is gray and it looks pretty bright when you take picture with flash on. The pattern is so pretty on eyes and with the gray colour on my eyes a bit looks like cat eyes (●´∀`●\)

Diameter 14.5 mm
    Water content 42%
    Base curve 8.6
    1 year disposable (recommended use for 4-6 months)
    Packaged in sterile buffered saline
    FDA and EU approved contact lenses
    Ophthalmologists and optical shops certified
    Buy without prescription
    Perfect for both dark and light colored eyes

Color and pattern (4/5 ):
The fascinating light ash gray color scattered around inside a gorgeous flower shape design will perfectly blend with your natural eye color into a beautiful appealing soft gray eyes and the black outer ring will make your eyes look naturally o(≧∇≦o)

Enlargment Effect (2.5/5):
14.5 mm diameter is not so big like i wish on my eyes (T___T) but maybe it will works for others to get dolly eyes

Comfort ( 3/5 ) :
this lens is comfortable , but the water content is not higher than miss eye . but still it wasn't easy make you eyes dry and still enough comfortable .

Overall ratings ( 3/5 ) :
You will feel fresh and enough comfortable every time that you are wearing this soft lens as if your natural eye color would be this gorgeous gray.
Whether you are at work party or for any other occasion you will always look adorable! (●´∀`●)//

What do you think about this lens?
if you're interested to buy some , you can find them here :

Buy 2 Get 1 Free
Buy 5 Get 2 Free

Buy 10 Get 5 Free
Free Shipping & Free Lens case
Any Order Any Country
3 days Express delivery
if you buy 5 pairs or more

pig pinky and pink pen ! >,<

and you know guys , they doing giveaway on their site !!

 A winner will be randomly selected the 1st of each month. Information about their circle lens giveaway must be found when visiting your link at the time when they choose a winner on the first of the month. If no information can be found when visiting the link that you have posted you won't be able to get a free pair of circle lens.

they will publish information about the winner each month on this page.


  1. These lences look good :) BTW. you're so beautiful!

  2. I am pretty sure it would be adorbale as you when wearing it ^^

  3. Just fell in love with your blog, and following it now. :) Follow me back if you'd like!

    1. thanks a lot !
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  5. This shop is my favorite because of the free pair they give with every order ! Love it !