Thursday, November 29, 2012

(Review) Eye Shadow Couleurs Nature By Yves Rocher Made in France

Girlssss ~~ (●´∀`●)
sorry for late post , so i'm really busy nowday and i decide to play with eye shadows in some moment for refreshing my mind.

Now , i will review single eyeshadow Couleurs Nature #61 Bleu Clematite By Yves Rocher - France

i don't really wear eye shadow normally... i usually just wear eyeliner. so i don't have a lot of eye shadow on my make up collections.  just have the natural color...
and i will review another later (/゚Д゚)/

here i will show you , swatch on my hand ...

the color not so bad when you wear on eyes . first time i swatch on my hand , i think it will be so bright and not suit on me . but the truth fact , the color less bright and make suit on eyes . (‘∀’●) with the glitter mix the color make your eyes pretty with some blink-blink ~

and here is some picture of me wearing this eye shadow :

how do you guys think? the color is nice or bad ??
i think its depend on our skin  .. bright or a bit dark ~ :(
ah , this eyeshadow really stay long last ,  its great even i  don't use eyeprimer !!

Last Picture of my self using the product as eye shadows,

That's it for today i hope you guys enjoy my review.

i really want to hear some good advice. i know you guys are really good at this, (‘∀’●)♡

Have a nice day and dont forget to comment bellow ~~ (‘∀’●)♡


  1. nice blue!


  2. such a nice colour. Looks pretty on you :)

  3. Nice shade :)

    1. hey there ..
      thanks and thanks also for visit my post ;D !