Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Review ULTRAFLESH shinebox with

Hello everyone ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ new post is up !
i'm coming for share you some review of make up set shimmer and also i will give some information that up to date for cosmetic stuff ~
i will introduce you about StroberiNET first !
StroberiNET is an online shop sells so many cosmetic stuff and some parfume also for ladies and also gentleman. there is so many kind of brand that you will looking for on their shop,
this shop is open for world wide and absolutely they sell with really good price !

StroberiNET has contacted me a month ago to gives me some free make up kit to review ! and the package has arrive just 3 weeks after, let see what i've got !

ultra flesh shine box is inside the package ! and i just could say omaigoshhh that was so cool ~ all inside is about shimmer ! you must be excited when you try to open how it looks inside the make up set ..

Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox
1 enhancer powder
2 creamy shimmer 
2 highlighter eyeliner

i do really love the packaging on this make up set ! it really easy to bring anywhere and more while you doing travel somewhere and its not really big size .. 
so , you already how it looks and lets move to the swatch review each part of this products !

Enhancer Powder


2 creamy shimmer

with flash

without flash

2 highlighter eyeliner

 After all the result of this make up set is great ! the simmer was help in light on your face as well and also make your face shine . simply packaging stuff and also is easy to bring ~
some less point from this product is for the highlighter eyeliner is so much creamy and easy destroyed .. you must be really carefully while using the highlighter eyeliner ~

So .. how it is ? i guess you might love this product too and more this product is simply and totally suitable for personal use.
also You must be love all the stuff and the other collection of their shop .
if you are interested to buy some or want  take a look how is their shop, check their shop now at :

Have a nice day !


  1. Lovely shimmer products

    Carrieanne x