Thursday, April 4, 2013

(Review) Line Nuance Duo Etude House #2

hi girlss ~~ new post is up ! (´▽`)
so , today i'm gonna review a product frome etude house !

put you handsup yooo for etude house lovers ~ ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ
so yes , i will review Line Nuance Duo number 2 !

Combination eye liner and eye shadow in one for flexibility and convenience!  and this is pretty simple to use and easyy to bring . such a pen in one package for eyeliner also the eyeshadow .
sometimes we wonder the real colors how it looks and yes , mostly girls looking for review to know more for the products that they will buy .
hope it might help for you ;)

this is the swatch colors :

eyeliner only

eyeliner and eyeshadows
with flash
 this eyeliner doesn't have waterproof content and so easy to remove . for people has an oily skin , i dont recommend this eyeliner cause it will removed so fastly .
cause i have an oily combination skin type , i rarely use this one for outside in noon ( sweat & more oily ). mostly times i use this ,  in evening and for short time .

this product its quite cheap for combination package between eyeliner and eyeshadow. you might love it for eyeliner lovers ^^
and yeahh lets try how it is on my eyes !
anyway i love the colour of eyeshadow cause its really suit for my eyes . but unfortunately , the eyeliner is not suit for me in daily days who get an oily skin (T▽T)
and u could use the eyeshadow for your bottom eyeliner  ~ 

Ps : i use white pencil liner for the bottom line >.<

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dedicated for my hubby ! J : Jerome (*^▽^*)
so this is for the new post !
hope all my post review could be helped for you to know some products and also know for the real colors look,

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  1. You're so pretty (: This eyeliner looks great! Usually I'm ok with non-waterproof but since this one comes off so easy, that's too bad! The last part of your review, it's too bad because it looks so great on you that you can't wear it daily. I think it does suit you ^^ You applied it so well, too!


    1. the first time i tried it was great , but since i had an oily skin and i used in noon it was so blend arround and start disappear ~

      but thankyouu for your comment , i really happy of it ! ^^ <3

  2. that eyeliner makes u cuter! your hubby is a lucky boy :p

    1. aww thanks elsa ~ i feel so blessed to have my hubby <3

  3. Hi darl,
    I nominated you at versatile blogger award


  4. very nice review and you're so adorable <3