Monday, February 18, 2013

Love in Febuary (。♥‿♥。)

Hello Pretty Girls (。♥‿♥。)
it seems a bit delayed post since the last time i made ,
so finally i make a time for share a quick post for today !

this month is really great for me through my sickness also \(T▽T)/
but in end , i still feels so blessed cause this month i could celebrate my valentine days and chinese new year with my boyfriend (。♥‿♥。) and he cares me while i'm sick for nowdays ~

and the most cute ,

he bought me some makeup stuff from his country and he choose it by himself ~
WHAT A ............ ≧∇≦
(i can't even explain how is the feelings ~)

special thanks to my hubby ~ (●´∀`●) i like them and you really so sweet !

ah, all of them is really sooo cute products , and i still not destroy the package yet
i feel so love with all this stuff (~≧∇≦)~~

this is more details,

L'oreal Eyeliner Liqud Black

L'oreal Lipstick Color Riche 297

Maybelline Express Nail Polish (purple)

Maybelline Affinitone number 17
Bourjois Eyeshadow number 15
i don't know how it looks for all those makeup (as i said , i'm not open it yet),
but i really wish, L'oreal give me the waterproof eyeliner. cause until now i still looking for eyeliner liquid waterproof .
well , for the others seems quite fine ~

anyway , i still pending so many reviews lately \(T▽T)/ hope the next post won't be late ~

and if you have a request for some review all above ,
you can ask me through the comment (●´∀`●)

Have a nice day !


  1. affinitone and borjuis please~~ <3

    1. okiiieee ~ as soon as possible (●´∀`●)<3

  2. nice haul :) bourjois e/s nya bagus..aku punya yang warna ungu ^^

    1. oh ya ?? aku belom nyoba nih , kayanya bagus deh ~ :3

  3. Hai salam kenal, new follower nih, kebetulan nemu blognya di grup IBB :)

  4. wah , nama xiao chan familiar buat aku , kalo ga salah sering denger gara" menang rafflecopter alias giveaway xD aku suka header cc , lucu gitu , bisa ganti" hihi . btw , aku new followers cc , sama kaya Mutiara Tanjung , follback ya . nemu dari IBB juga hihiih :p

    1. giveaway aku baru menang 1x koq ~ ≧∇≦ hehe ~
      okieess , will follow back soon ~

  5. I love that eyeshadow!! So pretty!!

  6. ditunggu review bourjois nya yaaaa ^_^

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  7. Wow! For a boy, he did good! Happy February. I hope it's been lovely.

    Lindsey. x

    1. more than good i guess ~ ^__^ i got an awesome febuary with him

  8. Hi Xiao,I'm eli from Italy :) I like your blog which I find just now. How nice is your boyfriend? He bought makeup for you...mine never did it :( iF you want we can follow each other :) Eli

    1. hello eli ~ thanks for visit my blog ~
      i feel so grateful to have him ~ ^__^ he understand much what i need and like <3

      sure , why not to follow each others ;)

  9. wow.! a guy that buys you make up is so rare to find and definitely a keeper!
    You guys look amazing together!!!

    great outfit! love your shoes and the effect of the tights.

    Maybe wanna follow each other?? Let me know :)
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    1. just the same words , so grateful i am ~ ^^
      thanks anyway ~

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  11. Hello, I love these products too. Followed you, hope you can check back and maybe follow back?

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