Friday, December 21, 2012

Sparkle Apple Circle Lens Giveaway By LoveShoppingHolics

hello guys ~

just give some information that sparkle apple  has circle lens giveaway and it sponsored by loveshoppingholics !
who wants get it ? i'm sure you are all circle lens holics will join ~

so how to join the give away ??
Follow the mandatory rules ! it a must  ~
1. Follow sparkle apple via GFC
2. Like loveshoppingholics on facebook

and if you wanna have a chance be the winner you may do the additional entries ^^ ~

you can check it here for more info !

wish i will get a chance to become a winner of this giveaway ! \(^__^)/
for you all , if you're not join yet .. visit her  blog and join , may you have a chance for win some lens ~ gogoooogoooo !! (^__^)/

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