Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rainbow with Golden Stars Nail Art

hi girlsss ~! back to  nail art time! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*
so , today i'll review about colourful nail art with a golden stars that i got from kkcenterhk !
Thankyou so much  ~

this time i just doing a simply nail art but quite interest to tried ヽ(^Д^)ノ

So yeahhh , this is the golden stars ..

Each Pack Contains Approx 50 Pcs and  Can Be Used For Nail Decorations And Design Freely. the stars size is 3mm . its suitable for everyone i guess since the colour also nice for a decoration on nails.

and yosh (*≧ω≦)/ this is a nail colour that i choose ,

there is some white , yellow , dark blue , bright blue , and also dark green .
i was bought so many colour nail polish about a week ago with my boyfriend , he was choose so many colours he likes and yes , one of them is the dark blue the most he likes . so i decided to put the dark blue instead on my finger ~ ♥

and this is a decoration with the stars,

how is it? 
pretty simple ♥ and really easy to use \(*^▽^*)/

there is so many type decoration nail , if you are interested to buy ,
you can go to the website : 
they sell so many things from nail art , hair tools , make up so many others ~ ( i wish to get some make up also ≧∇≦ / ) and u can use code : girls-line  to get 10% discount !!

so that's it for today ~
any ideas for next nail art ?? yoshhh ~~ don't forget to comment bellow! (~≧∇≦)~~

Have a lovely day , Girls ~~~ (●´∀`●)


  1. Pretty!!

  2. So simple and nice,i love it!!!New follower,i would be glad to visit my blog!

  3. cute detail, makes nail polish becomes glittery.. :p

  4. nails are looking really pretty and fun;)X